Why am I so bad at packing?

Whether it is a weekend away or a fortnight in Florida, I find packing to be the most stressful event. Does anyone else go through the following checklist..?

  • Clothes 
  • Shoes 
  • Sense of impending dread and overwhelming panic that you may have forgotten something integral i.e your toothbrush that ABSOLUTELY CANNOT BE PURCHASED ELSEWHERE?!… 

I know this sounds ridiculous but I can almost certainly guarantee (or at least hope) that there are others out there that are the same. I mean, what if I pack an outfit that looks good when I’m having a skinny day but then I have a fat day? NIGHTMARE!

When researching ways to help curb my anxiety of over and under packing, almost all of the articles stated to make a list. Well that’s fine, but what if I forget to put something on this list? The worry is endless.

So in a bid to help myself and others in similar situations, I have devised a plan…


The Ultimate Plan for Over Obsessive Serial Packers    (Drama? √)

  1. Start as early as you can before you go.
  2. Write down the days and nights you will be away i.e Monday day / Monday night etc. (I find this is easier in a table)
  3. Write down a couple of outfit ideas for each – Including shoes.
  4. See if there are any things that overlap – Could you narrow it down from 3 pairs of jeans to 1? Do you really need 12 pairs of shoes?
  5. Consult the list over the next few days and make amendments.
  6. Make sure that your chosen outfits are not specific to thin or fat days… trust me, it’s the worst!
  7. Write down your final choices in a list so that you know exactly which blue stripy top you wanted when you come to pack them. DETAILS DARLING, DETAILS!
  8. Ensure that you have a small (ish) selection of accessories to choose from.
  9. Ask a friend or family member if there’s anything you’ve forgot. My mum hates me for this but without her I’d have taken many trips without essentials like socks…
  10. Remember, less is more (unless it comes to pants…always pack enough pants).


Lay it out for a nice Instagram picture so you don’t feel so bad = Step 1



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