Spring Favourites 2017

collection%20image%20600x600_2Primed & Ready primer with Witch Hazel – Collection – £4.99

4.5 / 5

Usually I have a hard time finding primers that are suitable for my skin. I have combination skin, with scarring and blotches, that can be very sensitive. Witch hazel also usually dries my skin out. However, this little beauty has been a life saver! I work in Education, so I’m constantly running around and my makeup has a hard time staying put. I only had to use a small amount of this primer and it kept my skin feeling soft throughout the day. It also blurred the blotches on my face which is a bonus.

The only problem I had with this was that it was quite a small tube so it didn’t last very long. I would definitely purchase again though!


Naturally Radiant 2 in 1 Moisturiser and Serum – Superdrug – £5.99

5 / 5

I just love this! I’m actually on my second purchase of this little miracle! For me, my skin is a nightmare. I struggled with bad skin for a few years and any moisturiser I tried just made it worse. I generally have combination skin, but I found that the usual moisturisers were making my skin greasy. Someone recommended a serum based moisturiser to me, and there is no turning back!

It is lightweight, refreshing, and has vitamin C – what’s not to love?! On the website it states that after 4 weeks the texture of your skin should be more even and I can agree with this. I usually apply this after cleansing my face at night and leave it to work overnight. The best part is that you only need 2-3 pumps, so the tube lasted a long time for me!


P.S Super Matte Liquid Lipstick – Primark – £2

4 / 5

Can I just say thank-you to whoever invented liquid lipsticks? There is nothing more annoying than going on a night out and having to renegotiate regular lipstick from your teeth back onto your lips!

I love that you can pick these up for cheap and in quite a good variety of colours. The formula is good and there is no funny smell like some of the others I’ve tried. It also dries fairly quickly which is handy.

One problem I have with these is that they often claim to be ‘kiss-proof’. I have found that when eating, (yes, I know not kissing but priorities!), the inside of the lip comes off. This isn’t a massive problem but it could still be improved. Also, it tends to make the lips feel very dry.


Freedom Pro Brow Pomade Soft Brown – Superdrug – £5

5 / 5

This pomade has saved my brow’s lives! Before they were a sad tangle of stray hairs, with gaps like the Grand Canyon. Now they each have their own identity, but in a way where they actually resemble eyebrows!

I have been using a lip brush (professional) to apply this, and it has such a nice texture. I have been using this for over a month and it isn’t even remotely empty, which I love! It also lasts easily all day, without smudging, which is great! It’s just such a good price for such a long lasting, quality product that I honestly can’t fault it. It’s also a great dupe of higher priced products such as the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow products – I mean why pay £20+ for something you can get for £5? No hate!


Photo credits: http://www.primark.com, http://www.superdrug.com

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