24 Lessons learnt in 24 years

  1. A night in can feel just as good, if not better than, a night out. No hangover? Winner.
  2. You will start to feel old at odd moments. One of the kids at work recently hadn’t heard of the Wizard of Oz. I felt ancient.
  3. Most of the people you went to school with will be married or have kids (or both). That doesn’t mean you should be at the same point.
  4. People will start hassling you about a pension, you should probably look into it. But shoes…
  5. Remember when you turned 21 and you said “This is my last big birthday until I turn 25!”? Well your almost at the next one. Feel old yet?
  6. Spending time with your family is important. This could be your last Christmas at home acting like a child. Make good memories.
  7. Not all of the friends you make will stay your friend. Also, not all of them should.
  8. Stop putting off things you want to do. I have a never-ending bucket list of things I want to do, big and small. It’s good to know what you want. Stop making excuses not to try.
  9. Celebrate the small successes. You put on pants today? Well done you!
  10. Clothes are difficult when you’re between ages. Should you be dressing professionally or should you still be expressing your unique individual charm? Sparkly princess, smart blazer it is then!
  11. Just because you’ve got your degree doesn’t mean you have to go straight into your chosen profession. I always wanted to have a go at teaching children, so that’s what I decided to do first. Try the things you want to try before you commit.
  12. Sometimes when you bend down, your knees won’t let you back up straight away. Style. It. Out.
  13. Don’t put anything on social media that you a) aren’t 100% happy about or b) will definitely regret in the future. Things get shared around far too easily and they can come back to bite.
  14. You most likely will be hurt badly by at least one person in your life. That doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to be happy. Learn how to make yourself feel better after heartbreak.
  15. It is ok to change your mind. I’m the worst for it. Do I want pizza or do I want chicken? No. You know what, I’ll take it all. NO REGRETS.
  16. YOU CAN SAY NO! Whether it’s work calling to ask you to work on your day off, or a friend asking for a night out that you just don’t fancy. Saying no can be hard but it’s worth it sometimes.
  17. If you try on clothes that just don’t fit, no matter what size you try, then those clothes are not right for you. Stop thinking you need to change for jeans.
  18. Learn to be alone. At the end of the night it’s your own voice inside your head that you’re stuck with. Learn to be friends.
  19. It’s good to face your fears. It’s also good to still have fears. I faced my fear of rollercoasters, yet I’m still terrified of them. That’s ok.
  20. Taking responsibility for your physical and mental health is important. Take care of yourself; there’s only one you.
  21. Comparing yourself behind the scenes to people’s highlighted, fantasy lives on social media will only end in tears. Yes, they may have more money. Yes, they may be skinnier. Yes, they may be exactly what you want to be. So what? You are in charge of your own life. Comparing yourself won’t solve any of your problems – it will just make you sad.
  22. Don’t mix your drinks. It really REALLY isn’t worth it. Not big. Not clever.
  23. Moisturiser is important.
  24. If you can’t manage your 5 a day, it’s ok. Just try and have some. You will feel better and less guilty about the (more than) occasional Mars bar.

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