Things I’ve learnt from working with kids

I have been working with kids for 3/4 of a year so far and whilst I love it, there can be some… trying…moments! Here are just a couple of things I’ve learnt whilst working with kids.

  1. Some kids have no filter – they will think nothing of asking when your baby’s due. (10 extra points if you aren’t actually pregnant – thanks pals!)
  2. They say the funniest things. I asked a child to explain what a synonym is today, she proceeded to tell me about ‘that thing she spreads on her toast’… cinnamon.
  3. How to make friends the easy way. Why is it that as kids we could just go up to someone, ask their name and then be forever friends? As an adult it can take a good 3 anxiety-ridden months before I ask someone their name. Awkward.
  4. A lot of things can fit up your nose. A lot of things that should not, and we think could not, fit up there CAN and WILL.
  5. Kids will cry over the strangest things. A kid at work cried recently because I sharpened her pencil and it ‘didn’t look the same anymore’…
  6. Kids notice everything. EVERYTHING. Trying to sneak that snack away? Don’t bother, they’ve already clocked it.
  7. They draw some interesting things that can reveal hidden messages. How does a picture of a sheep suddenly become an army of bubble eating monsters riding a bike? I don’t know. But they do. They know.
  8. They can be sticky even if they’ve not touched anything. Sometimes I think they produce glue from their fingertips. It’s a real skill.
  9. There is no point in being competitive in board games. They will win anyway. It could be a game you’ve played for decades and they will still beat you. Plus if you beat them it’s mean so it’s a lose-lose situation really.
  10. They generally don’t understand sarcasm. This can be a great advantage on the days when they really test your patience. They will just think you’re being hilarious 110% of the time. It makes life a lot easier for everyone.

All in all working with kids is a real adventure. There are challenging times, sure! However, the funny moments dominate by a mile and there aren’t many jobs out there you can have this much fun whilst being paid!


3 thoughts on “Things I’ve learnt from working with kids

  1. I spent my entire first career (35 years) working with kids and I never grew tired of the crazy things they said and did. It’s great to see a teacher at the beginning of her career with such a positive attitude. Kids are miracles!
    I also read your post on Disneyland. My husband and I are big kids and love to go to Disney World every year and enjoy the sights and the restaurants and the rides and the shows. I wish you many more happy experiences in the Magic Kingdom.
    As far as that bucket list item on writing a book. Do it. I published my first book at age 65 and have my third book launch coing up in a week. I believe there is a book inside everyone!
    I wish you a wonderful life, Kelly Marie, and don’t worry about those fake friends. As you get older, your experiences will help you to make much better choices and the quality of your friends will improve with age. 🌹 Clare


      1. Hello, Kellymarie. I haven’t been on my blog in a few days because I was getting ready for the launch of my mystery book, Last Train to Kingston. When I get a chance, I’ll do a post of the launch party. It was lots of fun and it appears the book is going to do well. But now I have to get out and market it. My previous books were part of the ZuZu Series and are compiled in A Berkshire Tale. children’s books and murder mysteries are two genres I love, so I’ve just decided to make up my own. Tke care and I’ll visit you again soon. Clare


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