Disneyland Paris May 2017

This month I visited Disneyland Paris for the first time and it honestly exceeded my expectations on every level! Me and my boyfriend, James, went for our first holiday together to Paris, with Disneyland being at the centre of our trip. We were in Paris from Monday to Friday and spent two full days in the park.

We were incredibly lucky on our trip and managed to experience everything that we set out to do. This was our list:

  1. Meet Mickey or Minnie
  2. Take the classic ‘castle’ pictures
  3. Meet Donald Duck
  4. Ride as many of the ‘big’ rides as possible
  5. Eat crepes and macaroons
  6. Experience Illuminations from a spot near the front
  7. Watch the parade from the front row

I have been a big fan of all things Disney since I was a small child. I have a special place in my heart for all things Disney, however Mickey and Minnie will always be my ultimate favourites. On my list of must-do’s for the trip, meeting Mickey or Minnie was top of the list! We didn’t manage to meet Minnie as the queues were very long and it was extremely hot weather to queue in. However, we queued to meet Mickey in Fantasyland and this was definitely one of the highlights of the holiday for me.


We queued for around 25 minutes and it was well worth the wait! I appreciated the fact that old Mickey movies were playing on the big screen whilst we waited as it made the time fly by. Mickey himself was hilarious! I met him first whilst James took photos of us and Mickey kept kissing and cuddling me whilst the cast member told him she would “tell Minnie!”. At first I didn’t expect it and went for a hug as Mickey went for a kiss which resulted in my head fully in his mouth! Ah well!

All in all, he was amazing! He also interacted brilliantly with James, who tried to teach Mickey how to high five whilst he only wanted to shake his hand!

I know I’m 24, but honestly, there is no age limit on Disney! The characters interact just as well with adults as with children. They all honestly made my trip so magical!

We also met Donald Duck, Goofy and the Mad Hatter, who were equally as hilarious. Donald Duck spelt his name wrong in my autograph book and hid his head in shame as I laughed at it! He also couldn’t decide on a pose to strike with James and so we have a million different photos of him in every pose imaginable! The Mad Hatter gave James a lecture on not wearing his ears and told me to get a ‘first visit’ badge from the City Hall for free (which of course, I did!).

The parade (Disney Stars on parade) was also fantastic! We got a great space near the beginning of the parade and we were right at the front so we could see everything up close. It was amazing to see so many characters close up in the space of 20 minutes! The princesses were stunning and in general the characters were all just fabulous! This is my favourite parade picture of the millions I took!


In regards to the rides, we managed to get on most of the big rides with our longest wait time being 40 minutes (Crush’s Coaster). Everything else was under 30 minutes. We also had fast passes for Big Thunder Mountain and Ratatouille. We didn’t get to use the Ratatouille one as it broke down for the full day so this was one that we didn’t get to experience. The attractions we managed to experience in the main park were:

It’s a small world, Hyperspace mountain, Buzz Lightyear (3 times!), Autopia, Indiana Jones, Big thunder mountain, Phantom manor, Mad Hatter’s teacups, Alice’s labyrinth, The dragon under the castle, Star tours.

We mostly spent our second day in the Studios park and managed to ride:

Tower of terror, Rock ‘n’ Rollercoaster, Armageddon and Crush’s Coaster.

We also managed to watch the Star Wars march and show in the Studios, and “Mickey and the Magician”. Both of these shows were AMAZING and we got fantastic spots to watch from. “Mickey and the Magician” was also one of my favourite experiences of the holiday. Whilst Mickey speaks only in French, the other characters speak English and it was still easy to follow. The show was beautiful and moving and I am so happy that I got to experience it.


Finally, we watched Illuminations twice. The first night we got our space around an hour before Illuminations; towards the front and slightly to the right of the castle near Discoveryland. We had a brilliant view and it was stunning. I loved every single minute and will always remember it. Disney just have a knack for hitting you right in the feels! The second time we watched it, we missed the first five minutes as we couldn’t resist a cheeky last rematch on Buzz! However, it had started to rain later in the evening on the second day and so the park wasn’t as busy. We walked straight off Buzz and straight into a spot right in front of the castle! It was just (at risk of repeating myself) MAGICAL!!

If I was to go back to Disneyland again in the future, I would maybe stay for a few more days so that I could repeat the rides I enjoy and meet more characters. However I feel very lucky that we experienced the amount we did in only two days!


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