2018 Resolutions

Resolutions are a funny thing. Why is it that we only resolve to do certain things around New Year? Personally, I like to set myself little goals throughout the year as and when I think of them, but I do always start off with a “base list” of goals on New Years Eve.

My goals, or resolutions, for this year are a little varied. My main aim for 2018 is to focus on my mental health and make the most out of my time productively. So here goes nothing!

  1. Get in shape – This is on my list every year. I tend to do well for the first few months and then resort to bad habits. My goal for this year is to try and increase my exercise slowly and cut down on products that are high in salt and sugar (sorry Quality Street, this is where I leave you). We shall see…
  2. Read more – Last year I set myself a goal to read 1 book every month. I managed 10 books in total. I’m a really slow reader so I feel like I did quite well, but this year I’d like to manage 12 at least.
  3. Be more organised/ journal – I was given a few journals/planners/diaries over Christmas and I’d like to put them to good use. I’m known for having quite a chaotic approach to life. Although I like to plan, I tend to be terrible at organising my day-to-day life. I also want to focus on journaling positive and negative moments. I have two separate journals for this (excessive, I know).
  4. Travel more – Again, I put this on every year. My main goal in life is to travel and experience new places. Last year I visited Disneyland Paris, Gran Canaria, and a few places in the UK. I have a few ideas of where I want to visit this year but we’ll see…
  5. Blog more – I don’t know why I fell off the whole blogging thing last year, as I do enjoy blogging a lot. But I want to try and put more into this and have more confidence in myself.
  6. Save more money – I’m aiming to save around £100 per month. With working part-time around studying, this can be difficult, but I really want to try harder with this.
  7. Start a masters – I’ve already taken the first steps towards this and applied for the course I want to do. Fingers crossed!
  8. Drink more water – So I’ve bought myself a 2 litre bottle and I really think that it’s helping by physically seeing how much I’m drinking. I’m also finding already that this is stopping me craving snacks as much – win win!
  9. Use up toiletries – I seem to have accumulated a lot of toiletries over the last few months/year ; things like body butters, shower gels, moisturisers etc. My aim for this year is to use these up before buying more – I need my shelves back!!
  10. Keep positive – Sometimes I forget the good memories from the year before and focus on what’s gone wrong. So the last couple of years I’ve tried to change this. Whenever I have positive moments throughout the year I’ll write them down. Then, on NYE, I read back over all the amazing things that have happened or that I’ve achieved. Does anyone else do this? I find it helps me start the year off on a positive note.

Regardless of whether I achieve all these, I believe that setting personal goals for yourself, NYE or otherwise, can be a good thing. For me personally, I enjoy working towards goals and challenging myself, but I also find that this keeps me moving forward.

If you’ve set any goals for yourself, I wish you luck – we can do this!!

Happy New Year. Lets make it a good one! 🙂



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