Shrek The Musical: Review


A few months ago I booked tickets to Shrek The Musical at the Palace Theatre in Manchester on a whim. As I love the films, I was expecting something similar in regards to humour-filled storyline and extravagant characters; the show exceeded my expectations.

The characters were true to the film and incredibly depicted by the actors who took on the voices of the characters amazingly! Donkey and Lord Farquaad in particular were highlights for me as their comic timing was impeccable.

The show itself follows the same storyline as the film, with added extras such as Princess Fiona’s scene with puppets in the tower. The scriptwriters and songwriters have done an incredible job of implementing the best scenes from the film with new songs from a variety of genres. There was definitely something for everyone from child-like gags to adult innuendos. This is the perfect all-round family show.

The costume and set designers deserve a lot of respect for their part in this show. The costumes were intricate and well presented ,and there were a lot of costume changes throughout the show which were well orchestrated. The dragon in particular was incredible and so true to the film! The sets were also fantastic and were introduced/removed seamlessly. One particular set, the bridge over lava, really impressed me. This piece of set was only used for a few minutes yet a lot of effort had gone into creating this. Overall the attention to detail made the show visually stunning and kept up with the pace of the show.

On a similar theme, the choreography within the many dance numbers was very impressive. The dances alternated between varying genres; from tap to jazz and the actors kept up the energy throughout. There really was something for everyone.

Overall, I would highly recommend this show. It is high-standard, quality entertainment at it’s best!

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2 thoughts on “Shrek The Musical: Review

  1. Loved this review! Shrek the movie is a firm family favourite but I was always really worried it wouldn’t translate as a theatre show. So thankful to see that there’s nothing to fear! Oh no what a shame, I may just have to buy tickets… 😀


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