Packing for a weekend away…


I’m a massive fan of weekends away to rest, recharge and basically escape day to day life momentarily! Over the last few years I’ve been trying to visit more new places, both in this country and out, and I’m forever thinking about places I can visit in the future.

My next break is coming up relatively soon and I will be away for 2 nights. So I thought I’d share what I like to take with me for a weekend away…Mainly because it will help me remember for the next time I go away! 🙂


Now obviously this depends on where you’re going and what the weather is likely to be. Regardless of this you will still need some form of clothing (unless you’re going on a nudist break, in which case, enjoy!). As I’m going away in the UK, I am more than likely to need layers – April showers come at me!!

I try to limit the amount I pack as I am a serious over-packer at the best of times! So here is what I plan to take:

  • A travelling outfit – more than likely to be jeans and a top (nothing exciting, but comfy as I’ll be driving).
  • 2 ‘day’ tops and 1 ‘dressier’ top.
  • A skirt (you never know!).
  • Comfortable shoes/trainers (we will probably be walking a fair way).
  • A nicer pair of shoes, probably flats, for the evening.
  • Underwear, socks, pjs… the boring things.
  • A jacket & coat – Let’s face it, I’ll need them. Sob!


Or as I would prefer to call it, The more exciting part.

  • A belt (Ok so this isn’t exciting, but my pants keep falling down so…)
  • Jewellery – more like it!
  • A decent sized handbag, but not too bulky that it’s annoying.
  • Sunglasses … I live in hope!
  • My Fitbit.



  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Skincare stuff; micellar water, moisturiser, lip balm etc.
  • Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel.
  • Travel sized sun cream… again, you never know!
  • Hair brush, ties etc.
  • Deodorant & perfume.
  • Medication/prescriptions/painkillers etc.
  • Makeup


  • Travel hairdryer (I tend not to really bother with straighteners as my hair dries curly).
  • My Ipad
  • A book – Still trying to achieve my goal of 12 books this year!
  • Chargers
  • Snacks … This should have been #1 on the list. Priorities!
My weekend away / hand luggage bag! ->


So yeah that’s pretty much it! Hopefully this will help me remember the next time I go away so I’m not running round like a headless chicken in a packer-panic! :’)




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