Less than 100 Calorie snacks (that you WANT to eat!)

Finding decent things to eat that aren’t a calorific nightmare is a really hard task at the best of times. Yes, an orange may be the better choice, but what if I’m really craving a chocolate bar?? I know, I know you can beat the cravings… but sometimes you just gotta be a bit naughty!

Recently I’ve been tracking my food intake and monitoring my calorie expenditure (check me out!), following the advice of a friend studying nutrition See Prestagefitness. My main complaint was that I wanted to lose a bit of weight, tone up and just generally feel a bit healthier. Ideally I would like to not be out of breath walking to the fridge! However, having tried totally healthy ‘diets’ in the past, I know that the upkeep of this for me is not feasible – I can never stick to them because I don’t enjoy them!

So whilst I take it one step at a time, increasing my fruit/veg intake and getting up off my bum a little more often, I have been looking for better alternatives to the snacks I’m just not ready to part with yet.

So here are some of the snacks I’ve found for under 100 calories…

snacks 1snacks 2

snacks 3snacks 4

** Aware sunbites are actually 120 calories but they’re delicious and I ran out of packets to hold haha!
**Disclaimer**  –  I am not claiming that these snacks are ‘healthy’ or that they will ‘help you lose weight’. I am simply providing a list of my favourite snacks that are 100 calories or under, that I am using within a balanced diet to help me on my quest for a all-year summer, Michelle Keegan-esque bod. That is all 🙂
** All calorie details found on http://www.asda.com – they may differ from different supermarkets/ brands**

2 thoughts on “Less than 100 Calorie snacks (that you WANT to eat!)

  1. Good post! Losing weight doesn’t necessarily mean having to eat ‘super clean’ foods, eating under your calorie maintance is key! So this is a really helpful post for doing that and eating whatever you want!

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